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Thanks to everyone of the 11,800 people who took part in this event between 17 to 21 November 2014


This is the biggest school geography investigation of its type in the world!


  • We are not taking more data for the map but you can view and analyse the data using this Web app This video will help explain how to use the tools app fully.
  • Or for a very quick summary tool use this app
  • Or use ArcGIS online to view and analyse the results of the data here 
  • Or add the layer "local data mapper" to your maps in ArcGIS online
  • And click here for a storymap tour of the results
  • Enjoy looking at the data and follow @rhsb_geography on twitter and #gisrecord 
  • Find out more about analysing the data from our videos
  • This links to my webapp introducing the data entry event